North Coast Strategy Partners is a newly formed partnership between two colleagues with a wealth of nonprofit leadership experience with a specialization in assisting organizations interested in completing an accreditation review to certify their organizations.  We work with organizations seeking administrative support to address program or operation needs with special attention to supporting the strategic process for organizations.


  Bill Eyman, MSW

Bill Eyman recently retired as the Chief Operating Officer of the Domestic Violence & Child Agency Center. Bill was Executive Director of Bellflower Center for Prevention of Child Abuse prior to the merger of Bellflower Center with the Domestic Violence Center. In his position at DVCAC, Bill was responsible for planning and implementation of the agency’s programs to prevent child abuse and domestic violence and provide services and counseling for victims of child abuse and domestic violence. He has also worked for the United Way. Bill managed the CARF accreditation process while he was Executive Director of Bellflower Center and the Chief Operating Officer of the Domestic Violence Center & Child Advocacy Center.

Who We Are

   Tom Mendelsohn, MSUS

Tom Mendelsohn’s varied career is stitched together by a deep and enduring commitment to serving others. As a Catholic Charities Family Service Worker, Cleveland Sight Center Director of Community Services, and Executive Director of The Empowerment Center of Greater Cleveland. In this position he was responsible for the full range of Chief Executive Officer responsibilities. At the Sight Center, Tom led the CARF Accreditation processes for the agency. Under his leadership, he secured 3 consecutive 3 year accreditation certifications for the Cleveland Sight Center. While at the Empowerment Center, he consulted with Bellflower Center and assisted the organization receive a 3 year renewal certification from CARF.