Another Chance of Ohio (ACOO) would like to applaud your efforts in helping us to achieve our goals. It is because of your successful abilities to advocate, research and write proposals that ACOO has been able to receive donations and financial contributions to further our mission. You have been a serious asset and ACOO thanks you.” Barbara Anderson, Executive Director Another Chance of Ohio

“I wrote about Tom Mendelsohn in my recent book, Legal Warriors, because he is an example of an untiring individual who believes in providing services in a superior manner to individuals requiring help with their basic daily living needs. His ability to recognize an operational issue and develop solutions improving an organization’s functioning is evident in his work with program compliance audits and certifications, like CARF . Organizations where he has performed this work have received the highest ratings possible. Added to his competence and professionalism is a deep and abiding commitment to helping people, especially the disadvantaged and poor.” Joseph P. Meissner, Attorney Formerly, Chief Legal Counsel, Urban Development Section, Legal Aid Society of Cleveland


“Bill Eyman did an excellent job preparing for the Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center’s first CARF accreditation as a merger agency. He worked with DVCAC staff to make sure we not only met all of the administrative and program standards but also had the necessary documentation to prove we met the standards. Bill’s extensive knowledge of CARF helped us be prepared for the CARF survey. I highly recommend his expertise to anyone who needs assistance with the entire CARF accreditation process.” Linda Johanek, CEO Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center

“Bill’s knowledge of CARF during the time I was on the Board of Directors of Bellflower Center for Prevention of Child Abuse was impressive. I know he will be able to help any organization successfully meet all CARF accreditation requirements.” Dean Williams, Former President Bellflower Center for Prevention of Child abuse