North Coast Strategy Partners will provide the full spectrum of activities that are part of the strategic planning process.  This includes:

  • Meeting with leadership to discuss the establishment of a SLRP committee.

  • Completing a customer questionnaire that includes: history of the organization, budget, board/committee structure, programs and services and major issues affecting the organization.

  • Developing a timetable for conducting the strategic planning process.

  • Assisting the organization to update its mission, vision, and goals during an organizational planning retreat.

  • Conducting a perceptual analysis, with the help of the SLRP committee that involves identifying the questions the organization would like answered. This will involve a series of questionnaires in the form of stakeholder surveys from consumers, board members, staff, funding sources, collaborating partners. NCSP will be responsible for providing a summary report of the questionnaire results.

  • Conducting an environmental scan that addresses issues around factors that impact the organization’s programs and services.

  • Conducting a second retreat to facilitate a SWOT analysis that will address the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This will lead to the identification of critical organizational issues, where the results of the perceptual analysis, environmental scan and SWOT analysis will enhance the identification of critical organizational issues. These critical issues will then be categorized into such areas as: Finances, Programs, Customer Service, Fundraising, HR, Board Governance, or other areas identified through the process.


  • Helping the organization develop action steps using the critical issues analysis, SWOT analysis, perceptual analysis and environmental scan. These will be incorporated into the final plan document for Board approval.


  • Providing materials for a first review of the total plan with action plan steps, refinement of the action plan steps and discussion of the timetable for implementation of the strategic plan. This will be followed by the presentation of the total plan, its action steps, and timetable for implementation.


  • Presenting the Strategic Long Range Plan to the Board.